General Terms and Conditions

1. Definition
On its website ( and, respectively), the association “Urlaub am Bauernhof Österreich” (hereinafter referred to as “Farm Holidays in Austria”) provides an online system for the purchase of vouchers (hereinafter referred to as “UaB vouchers”). These vouchers can be redeemed at the respective partner businesses.

2. Procedure
a) UaB vouchers can be created by the customer him-/herself via the voucher system provided on one of the websites cited above. The customer can choose the value, add a personal message and subsequently print the voucher. Payment is completed using one of the payment methods that are offered (credit card, Maestro, online banking or similar). The vouchers that were purchased will be invoiced by Farm Holidays in Austria.

b) The customer is entitled to use the UaB vouchers only after the full payment of the value that was chosen. Prices are exclusive of any applicable VAT which is only applied once the voucher is redeemed at the business in question. In other words, any hotel service will be charged including the standard VAT and can be paid by means of a voucher for the applicable amount.

c) Bookings for the desired hotel services must be made directly between the customer and the respective partner business. This also applies to redeeming a UaB voucher. Partner businesses entitled to accept the voucher are those who are published on the current membership list (please refer to the list of properties on the website). Participating businesses have secure access to the voucher system and must verify the value of the voucher to be redeemed by means of the serial number or barcode printed on the voucher which they can then officially validate.

d) The UaB vouchers are accepted by partner businesses just like cash and can be used in order to pay for all services and products. UaB vouchers are also accepted as a payment method for special promotional offers, sample packages etc. However, the ordered or purchased vouchers may not be redeemed for cash.

e) With respect to the point of sale (Farm Holidays in Austria), only the original value of the voucher will be billed. Any purchases exceeding the value of the voucher is to be billed directly between the customer and the business in question. If not the entire value of the voucher is redeemed, the customer shall retain the credit still remaining on the UaB voucher, with said amount being redeemable at a later date at the participating partner businesses.  Refunds on the part of the original point of sale are excluded!

f) Only persons 18 years of age or older are entitled to order and/or purchase vouchers.

3. Returns (Contract Withdrawal Rights for Long-Distance Transactions)
The UaB voucher may be returned by registered letter to “Farm Holidays in Austria” (“Urlaub am Bauernhof Österreich”) within 14 days of purchase, provided that it has not been redeemed in full or in part. Subsequent to the receipt of the voucher, the original purchase amount will be transferred to the account of which Farm Holidays in Austria has been notified. Only those customers may avail themselves of return rights who are deemed consumers according to the Consumer Protection Act.

4. Validity
Purchased vouchers remain valid for thirty years after the purchase date. Extension of this validity period is only possible through Farm Holidays in Austria. Should the voucher number and/or the barcode become illegible, it is not possible to redeem the voucher.

5. Liability
The holder of the UaB voucher hereby acknowledges that Farm Holidays in Austria is responsible solely as an intermediary between the holder of the voucher and the partner business where the voucher is to be redeemed. Partner businesses are not agents on behalf of Farm Holidays in Austria. 

a) Farm Holidays in Austria assumes no liability for the redemption of UaB vouchers that have been ordered. Responsibility for the redemption thereof resides with the partner business in question.  Likewise, holders of UaB vouchers shall have no damage claims against Farm Holidays in Austria in the event that services of whatever nature cannot be fulfilled with the respective partner business.

b) The voucher holder is aware of the fact that Farm Holidays in Austria is entitled to terminate the agreement with individual partner businesses for material reasons, also prior to the end of the stipulated membership period. In this regard, no claims of whatever kind can be inferred.

c) The customer uses this website as well as the online voucher shop at his own risk. Farm Holidays in Austria assumes no liability for damages resulting from the use of this website. The original point of sale accepts no liability for interruptions, cancellations due to technical issues, maintenance work etc., though it will attempt to have interruptions and/or cancellations remedied as soon as possible.

6. Transferability/Loss/Misuse
a) UaB vouchers are “value coupons” and thus not transferable. Should a voucher not be utilised, it cannot be substituted or exchanged. 

b) In the event of theft or loss of a UaB voucher, the holder has no right to a replacement.

c) In the event of misuse or suspicion of misuse, partner businesses are entitled and obliged to withhold the vouchers without compensation. In the event of misuse or justifiable suspicion of misuse, charges will be filed. The holder of a voucher is liable for the misuse of a UaB voucher.

7. Privacy Policy
a) Farm Holidays in Austria expressly declares its compliance with the Austrian Data Protection Act. Furthermore, Farm Holidays in Austria declares that it shall keep all data disclosed by the customer confidential, insofar as no legally permissible reason exists for the transmission or disclosure of the information which had been entrusted and/or made accessible.

b) However, the customer expressly agrees to the storage and processing of information contained in the submitted form for the purposes of marketing and advertising (sent exclusively by the marketing cooperative or special services in question). 

c) The electronic payment methods offered by the voucher shop in question are processed exclusively by service providers who are authorised and certified to do so (“payment service providers”). Data disclosed by the customer during the payment process using a credit card or online banking (e.g. credit card number, bank identifier code, bank account number, name, address) is transmitted directly to the payment service provider in question via a secure SSL connection. This data cannot be accessed by Farm Holidays in Austria. In this regard, Farm Holidays in Austria assumes no liability for any potential misuse or mistransmission of said data or for any other deficiencies associated therewith.

8. Jurisdiction/Severability Clause
For all disputes, damage and/or warranty claims resulting from the use of UaB vouchers, the use of the Austrian legal code as well as the exclusive authority of the competent court in Salzburg City shall be stipulated. Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions later be legally invalidated either wholly or in part, this shall in no way affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the General Terms and Conditions.

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